The Case for Piety

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

In the movie “The Case For Christ” the dialogue mentions there is no “What if” with God.

The very humility, the value that makes gratitude possible, the sacrifice that makes love possible, lives in knowing by faith that certainty is realized by accepting and trusting in God being the infinite, and in us being the finite within this imperfect limited world.

There are no coincidences in faith, only God’s plan, so the uncertainty that causes fear and worry is lost when you find your faith, replacing it with a pious peaceful joy that knows no want nor need.

We hold to our human dreams because we feel they are our deepest wants and path to happiness, but this is ourselves thinking we have control when the world is too big to control, this is our assumption of rights when the very life we have been given is a gift of limited measure that we would not have one bit of without God, and which our only recourse is to serve God in our ways of being thankful.

That is the true meaning of justice. That is the true meaning of what is right, and fair, in God’s eyes.

When I wake I have to find my way back to this state of faith in order to be at peace and not fear, not be saddened, and not panic at our troubled times. But once I am there, again there is no more anxiety, no reason for concern. Only a feeling of being filled with love.



Renaissance Man versus A Specialist

I’ve learned the hard way that spreading my interests out more is less productive.

By focusing on my writing talent and graphic and web design, I can be the dreamer that I have long yearned for.

Goodbye to programming, which I never found enough focus on.

Goodbye to random convenient jobs that weren’t in my skill-set.

Goodbye to this ADD lifestyle. I must set a routine that I find deep motivation and interest for.

In this job market, people look for those who are not just good at something but that excel above the competition.

My strengths are faith, integrity, written word, technicalities and detail. To be better at something, feel strongly about it.